Mothers 111


Journal Entry #111:  May 13, 2018 Mothers Day

W. T. F.


How did I ever get to this very moment in my life where I am pondering the very existence of the “thing” that put me here?! Or didn’t maybe? Guy in the sky?


Is there a God? Who the fuck knows.

Is there a life after this? Who the fuck knows.

Is there a heaven or a hell? Who the fuck knows.


Who the fuck really wants to know?


I don’t know if I do.


I know what I do want is for this world to be a better place.


I want families to walk in the streets where its safe because they want a breath of fresh air with their family.


I want kids to grow up happy and carefree not a statistic that just didn’t make it.


Do my rambles make sense? Do they spell it out understandable.


Mother's Day is today.


A harsh reality for some and a small flutter for others.

Who really knows where this day roots, when today of all days it's only filled with shmoot.

Day in day out we mothers sacrifice.

While love and laughter are all were ever after.


Mothers are born each and every day.

To create new life and change the ever coming day,

Where a difference is made from the days of murderous mothers

To a day when mothers help clear the ethereal unders.


Has our world has gone black, just like the cycle expects?

Mothers have the power to break through that junk.

A hurt that can cause pain, can also cause healing.

If only us mothers, would open our hearts to feeling.

In the reality of life, it is up to us.

One day at a time, to sit and reflect.


What will we see, what will we feel.

It only matters, if the cycle gets broke.

Stand up mommas for your little ones,

The best way to show them,

Is to give them a hug <3


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