Unschooling in a statist world!

Unschooling by definition, is “A method of homeschooling that puts the desire, drive, motivation and responsibility for life -this thing we call learning or education – in the hands of the learner”

The simplest way to explain it in practical terms, is instead of homeschooling with a set curriculum 8 hours a day, I educate by unschooling, as a way of life. Always learning, always searching for a “lesson” in anything and everything we do. In our circle, you will hear the term “child led” because it usually is. If the child has an interest in anything, it is our job as parents to provide the tools necessary for them to learn.

When colleges look at applications for entry, compared to public schoolers, I have read numerous articles stating they would rather have homeschoolers because they usually have advanced knowledge vs. the set “standards” that public school teaches. When they compare homeschoolers to unschoolers, it seems, unschoolers are the preferred because of the ease of adaptability to new situations, as well as tend to learn easier in any circumstance and in more ways than just either, or, when it comes to visual, verbal, physical, logical, social, solitary, or aural. Unschoolers are also very independent learners, which is one of the most used terms I’ve heard or read in our circles.

Here are two great articles that speak on the above:



Some examples of how we unschool if you use it in a literal term are, If we are on a trip to the grocery store, there is a lesson in math no matter if you ask questions before we get to the register such as “if we need 100 coat hangers and they are 10 per pack, how many packs do we need?” Once we get to the register, that is an obvious lesson and The kitchen poses a great deal of our math when it comes to measurement as well.

Or, if we go to Grandma’s house and they see an old picture, maybe a history lesson.

Science? It helps when tons of books are available on awesome science experiments too. YouTube maybe? 

Foreign languages?? My girls attended a “Japanese in a box” class that the Japan-America society put on in Forney awhile back. (I would LOVE to see more of those kinds of opportunities in the Cedar Creek area as well. We have some but it’s mostly what us mom’s put together)

I could go on and on and on but I’ll stop with the examples there. We weren’t always this way, March of Next year will be our two year mark.(This was written in 2016)

Is unschooling prevalent?

Our movement is growing. I believe we all, or most that I know, unschool on some level, some a lot more radical than others.

All, with children, who can think and act for themselves, while exhibiting behaviors, that we sometimes do not even see in adults these days.


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